Abilene Funeral Flowers

We have a wide variety of funeral flowers, funeral arrangements and food baskets to send as a sympathy gift. Before ordering Abilene funeral flowers  be sure to check prices and quality of flowers in the funeral arrangement. Funeral flowers shouldn’t be any higher in price just because it’s for a funeral. Many funeral homes try to include the price of the flowers in to the funeral package to make more money, don’t let this happen. Some funeral homes call in a amateur floral designer to make the arrangements and it shows in the finished product. We at Big Country Flowers believe in a person’s time of grief the last thing they need to worry about is paying too much for funeral flowers, or getting low quality funeral flowers for their money.  We will make every effort to provide you, your family and friends with the most affordable prices with guaranteed quality flowers done by a Master Floral Designer.  After you have shopped around give us a call and see how much we can really help you in this difficult time.


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abilene funeral flowers

Big Country Flowers delivers to the Abilene Funeral Homes Listed Below Daily.

  • North’s Funeral Home  242 Orange Street Abilene Tx, 79601
  • Elmwood Funeral Home 5750 Hwy 80 277 S  Abilene Tx, 79601
  • Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home 542 Hickory Street Abilene Tx, 79606
  • Hamil Family Funeral Home 6449 Buffalo Gap Road Abilene, Tx, 79606
  • Abilene Funeral Home   3349 N 12th St, Abilene, Tx, 79603
  • Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home 5701 U.S. 277, Abilene, Tx 79606


 Funeral Flowers Abilene Tx

You can purchase funeral flowers from any florist in Abilene Tx, however we encourage you to give us a try and see that we stand behind our floral arrangement work and our word to give you the highest quality for the most affordable prices.

Custom Funeral Flowers

If you’re in need of a custom funeral spray, or casket spray give us a call, we have done many custom designs including the one you see below. That standing funeral spray was made to look like a full size acoustic guitar, with the sash made to look like a guitar strap. The entire guitar is made of flowers except the pearl sprays that are to mark the frets on the flower guitar. We have make funeral sprays to look like cattle brands, computers and much more. If this is something you would like as a sympathy tribute, please give us a call.

guitar made of flowers